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I know I don't update my blog very often, but that's because I try to add something to the discussion, so to speak. I doubt most of you want to hear daily updates about how many words I've written or cut in my current WiP. The thing is, I've enjoyed looking back at blogs of new authors to read their pre-published posts. There is something fun and magical reading posts by someone who was once where I am now: finishing a manuscript. Except they have done that, and then foun an agent, then got a contract, and finally counted down the days to publication.

What I've tried on my blog so far is a balance of writing updates and general writing-based observations.

Marcy Rockwell mentioned on her blog today that Wizards of the Coast is encouraging its authors to get Twitter accounts. My knee jerk reaction to her was, "I'm sorry you have to do that," since I've hated the idea of Twitter since it came out. I knew that it can be a useful tool for authors on tour and such, but for now in my (non-existent career) I couldn't see a use for it.

At first, I went over to Twitter to grab "saetter" as a user name, but someone from Japan beat me to it. At least, I assume those are Japanese characters. After signing up to at least grab SA_Etter as a screen name it hit me how to use it: I can dump all of my writing updates there without spamming my blog or my Livejournal friend's list.

So, starting tomorrow (when I get back to work on my book), I'll start using Twitter for logging revision progress on my manuscript. If you're interested, check it out. If you're not, well, I don't blame you. :)

What about you all? Do you have Twitter accounts? Who do you follow and why? What do you tweet and how often?

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May, 24 2016

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I'm both stunned and slightly embarrassed by all the attention this week, but welcome new visitors! Make yourself at home.

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