Draft Three in 18 Days

I finally finished my second draft yesterday. Well, it could be labeled draft three or four, but I’ve decided all drafts prior to 2005 were drafts .0x. This draft mostly dealt with plugging plot holes, backfilling character changes, and smoothing out the prose. I’m really happy with how the story and characters build and develop now.

I had intended to cut more words during this pass, but while I cut about 15k words, I also added 9k words in new material. So, the current draft is sitting firmly at 192k. Still way too long for a first timer.

So, today I start my third official draft with a goal of cutting 10%. By doing about three chapters a day, this will take me eighteen days. Except for addressing comments from my fantastic beta readers, this draft will only address story length.

Ambitious? I hope not. I'm ready to start my next book.

Let’s see if I can finish this book by June 24th so I can start the next big phase for Echoes: Agent Quest.

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May, 24 2016

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