Pushy Characters

While I can usually keep my characters under control, occasionally I do have one or two who initially are only supposed to appear once, but instead keep walking back on stage like they belong. In the first incarnation of Echoes, I had one who tried to bend the entire story around him. When I rebooted the manuscript years ago and started over, he was tossed out. Too demanding.

With this incarnation, I have two characters who continue to nudge their way into the action. One is Nashlin, who I let take the spot light. She’s a spunky kid who is hopefully as fun to read as she is to write. Her tendency to jump first and think later gets her into all sorts of trouble. And sometimes it’s challenging to get her out.

The other is Aonghas. His first appearance was late in the book. I just needed someone to meet Connor on the road and get him to safety. A few chapters later, he decided to go on patrol and see for himself what was causing all the chaos in the countryside. Then he decided to show up at the end, and has now pushed himself into a position that guarantees him an appearance in the sequel. Sneaky.

In the process of revising the beginning of the novel, I decided to introduce Nashlin earlier, to fit her increased overall role and presence. Guess who decided to join her? Yep, Aonghas.

Now I need to find him a better name… Aonghas was just one I slapped on him because I thought he was a one off character.

I wonder how many other authors have pushy characters like this.

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