Genre Mash-up

Ok, I confess. This post is about a movie that I absolute love, warts and all. It’s uneven at times, and has elements that stretch credibility, and gives characters sudden abilities not previously established or even hinted. For all of that, Brotherhood of the Wolf is a story that I wish I had written. It’s the ultimate mash-up of genres.

For those of you who’ve never seen it, the movie tells the story of the Beast of Gévaudan --an actual historical event in France during the 1760’s-- and adds a sudo-magical and conspiracy backdrop that I find fascinating. If the fantasy/horror thriller aspect wasn’t enough, the director threw in martial arts as well, in the form of an American Indian returning with a Frenchman from the wars in New France. The result is a complete mash-up of genres that feels so right together, it should almost be its own genre.

So, What Have I Learned?

So after all of that gushing about how I wish I had written this, what’s my response? To write my own genre mash-up, of course. Once I get albatross off my neck (i.e. my epic fantasy), I’ll start writing the first novel in my The Condotierre series. Hopefully, my historical-fantasy-spy-thriller stories will capture a different sort of lightning in a bottle.

If nothing else, I’m having fun researching and dreaming up the “real” story behind the historical events of the 15th Century.
This weekend, another genre mash-up is opening in theaters around the country. Cowboys & Aliens looks like a lot of fun. Let’s hope it’s as good as the trailers tease. Because trailers never lie, right?

What's your favorite genre mash-up out there?

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