There and Back and Gone Again

I know the blog has been more silent than usual this last month or so. I've been doing a lot of traveling. Two weeks back in the States was just enough time to get a houseful of stuff loaded onto a truck, drive it all back East, unload it, paint the storage shed, do some shopping, and then fly back to Ecuador.

After two weeks home, I'm off again on Thursday, but this time to London. My wife has two weeks of training there, so I'm going along to, um, carry her bags. :)

Twitter Blogs

I know I don't update my blog very often, but that's because I try to add something to the discussion, so to speak. I doubt most of you want to hear daily updates about how many words I've written or cut in my current WiP. The thing is, I've enjoyed looking back at blogs of new authors to read their pre-published posts. There is something fun and magical reading posts by someone who was once where I am now: finishing a manuscript. Except they have done that, and then foun an agent, then got a contract, and finally counted down the days to publication.

A Bit Premature?

I just figured out how many words I need to trim to get the manuscript down to 165,000 words, and I'm still four chapters away from finishing this version of the revision (which included both story, flow, and word count cuts).

Too soon? :)

This final draft will be only about cutting words and incorporating the thus far minor comments from my beta readers. With luck, I'll start this final draft next week.

(And the answer to "How much?" is cut 13% of the current manuscript, which amounts to about 24,000 words)

Rediscovering Information

I'm one of those strange people who reads historical non-fiction for fun. Yes, I do it as research for my books as well, but sometimes I'll pull a random book off my shelf and sit down for ten minutes or so and just read. Doing this, I find tidbits and facts from history and mythology that end up in my stories. Usually this amounts to cultural details or even place names based on real events.

The funny thing is when later I can't remember where I got the tidbit.

Almost there ... (stay on target)

Yeah, I went there. I used Star Wars lines as a blog title. :)

I'm still hammering out revisions and am down to the last four chapters. Two of them just need the usual read through to cut out words, but the other two need more work. One is the climax for one of the main POV's which I needed to alter a bit, and the other is a brand new chapter, because the afore mentioned chapter didn't give that character enough resolution. My outline for this one is short. Here's to hoping the chapter turns out short...

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May, 24 2016

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