Happy New York!

A late Happy New York, everyone!

Well, that's what my mother-in-law said while attending a New Year's party in the States a long time ago. Her English wasn't very good and she spent the whole night wishing people a Happy New York. :) Now it's a popular family joke.

2009 came and went faster than I expected, but I did get a lot accomplished, writing-wise. I finished the first draft of my book (something I thought would never happen), I finished revising the first two sections and have sent them to fresh beta readers, and I've started researching and plotting out my next series.

Which leads me to 2010 goals:

Waiting for Movies

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a movie nut. Back in high school, certain movies were dubbed “Stuart movies” because they were certain to appeal to me. Many movies could carry that label, but most of the culprits were fantasy movies or historical epics.

This coming year looks to be a good year for Stuart movies.

Here’s a selection of movies I’m waiting to see.


Have you ever written so many version of a letter or an email that you later forget which version you finalized to send out?

That’s what I’m feeling now in the middle of my revision process with Echoes. When I read some passages, I remember them differently. In almost all cases, I like the current version better (the latest final version), but my brain has latched onto a previous iteration and sees that as the way it is.

I suddenly wondered today if I’m ever doing a reading, whether a fan will ask me a question that I’ll give the wrong answer.

Sending the Baby into the World

The other day, I finally sent Part 1 to a number of brave volunteers to beta read. It only happened about 3 months later than I'd hoped... Bah. I'm still getting a handle on estimating the time required pump out revisions. This first part consisted of the prologue and the first fifteen chapters, four of which I rewrote from scratch as part of he revision process.

SAEtter.com 3.0 Now Live

Just over a year since my brother overhauled my sad website into something professional, he's given it a huge make over again. Most of this update is back-end stuff, though he did clean up the look a bit. Essentially, he rebuilt it from the ground up using a new system that allows me to edit the content on the site dynamically, instead of having to fiddle with HTML code and then re-upload the files.

Also, he's added a blog feature that I can have cross post right to Livejournal. We've also rearranged some things and fixed my broken LibraryThing widgets, so now you can see what I've currently reading and what kind of books I stock my shelves with.

If you're reading this from LJ, go give it a look see and let me know what you think.


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