Easily Distracted

Since being laid off last month, I've made some good progress on editing/rewriting my manuscript. Except for the end of the first act, which I've had to overhaul. It's still kicking me in the rear, though I think I'm close now.

Even so, I find that I'm very easily distracted these days. I'll spend hours looking at Monster.com and other such sites. Then I'll tinker with the graphics for my website, which is getting a little overhaul soon (mostly back end, but the look is going to be tweaked). Occasionally, this sin called Lord of the Rings Online beckons. Then I remember what I'm supposed to be doing since I don't have a "real" (ie paying) job.: Finishing Echoes of Truth so I can start working on The Condottiere.

What's my distraction today?

The Value of a Ransom

It's been awhile, but I'm still slogging through rewrites. I'm making my final pass through part 1 and cleaning up all the fun worldbuilding details I've left for myself.

Yesterday, I came across a comment I wrote years ago that threw me into the world of currencies. I had to figure out how much bread costs versus a bracelet, and how much a legionary makes a year and the value of a nomadic horselord being offered for ransom.

When writing the first draft, I left these kinds of details until later and focused on the story. Now I have to make all of those amounts make sense together.

Revision Update

Has it really been a month since I finished the first draft?

I’ve made good progress on my revisions, but not as much as I had hoped (the real story of my writing life, it seems.). I’ve imputed edits for eleven chapters and finished my complete rewrite of chapter one. The first two chapters got scrapped and redone from scratch with new scenes to better introduce the characters and plot. Chapter two is still coming along. It’s too much explanation of the plan right now. I need to add more conflict.

First Draft Is Done

I’ve been waiting a long time to say that.

For too many years, I was “writing” a novel, when I really meant I was daydreaming about having finished a novel. At long last, I’ve joined the 1%, the percentage of people who start writing a book and actually finish it.

It feels good.

Starting the Last One

Today I start my last chapter of my first draft.

I only have a few hours to write today (and then I'm going to the Caribbean!*), but I have a day off on Monday too, so hopefully I'll be able to finish the last chapter then.

As I've mentioned before, I've already started the revision process. I'm taking a fresh print out of part one with me on vacation, which is 15 chapters. I read through them a few months ago, but I still need to cut out a bunch more words. So, I'll be weilding my red pen while sitting on the beach. With a few Mai Tai's of course. I mean coffee. Yeah. Coffee... Ahem.

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