Why Some Chapters Don't Work

I had a really good week writing-wise, if you look at overall word count. I knocked out 3000+ words on Monday, and hoping to capitalize on the momentum, I took off two more days to write. Wednesday netted me another 2000+ words while Thursday was a bust at around 500 (this was partially due to coming down with a head cold).

However, the chapter I wrote on Wednesday will be scrapped because it fails as a chapter.

Keeping Your Promises

I've seen a lot of discussion on a few writer forums lately about frustrations over their endings. What do you do when you get to a point in your story --The End-- and it feels flat? Or your first readers don't get it? And the hardest question is: What do you do about it?

And if you think this post is about you, it's not. :) And not you either.

Unfortunatly, I don't have the answer, at least, I don't have it spelled out succinctly as a few guys I started listening to this week.

The Tunes Get Dark Again

A few months ago, I mentioned needing less somber playlists because Nashlin's story starts on a much lighter note.

Well, that changes today. :)

To be honest, it changed about midway through her last chapter, but this one starts with fear and doesn't let up for a while.

Now, where are those horror film scores...

I need something, because right now I'm having trouble getting into her mindset. How does a 36 year old man get into the head of a 13 year old girl huddling in the corner, waiting for monsters to burst through the door?

Into the Groove

Well, I finally got into Nashlin's head and wrote nearly two thousand words before lunch. My break to eat was timed perfectly between the two phases of the chapter, with our heroes emerging from their escape and then turning toward their destination.

As a little Easter egg, I've named their destination after my critique group: The Silver Griffin. :)

Fun With Names

Creating names in a fantasy world is both fun and frustrating. The name needs to sound both foreign and yet familiar enough to resonate. Add that to my dislike of fantasy names formed from random collections of vowels and consonants, it can be challenging to find the "right" name.

My tactic for character names is pretty straight forward: I use real if old and obscure names, lining up real ancient cultures with my own.

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