Echoes of Truth

Conor mac Rogan has been wandering the known world for ten years, trying to escape the shadowy demons haunting his dreams. After encountering spectral hounds and other mysterious creatures on his travels, he’s not sure his dreams are just nightmares anymore.

His home coming is bittersweet and events soon unfold that look hauntingly familiar, as royal abductions, a looming civil war, and the rise of a new religion throws the entire land into chaos. Even more disturbing, old stories of the Fell Hunt’s return linger on every tongue. The eerie similarities between the Hunt, his dreams, and the hounds from his travels are too much to ignore. Sensing the truth behind the stories and the political upheaval, Conor resolves to uncover the mystery and reveal the lies before there is nothing left of his clan to save.

He knows only one certainty: Behind every lie, and buried within every myth, is an echo of truth.

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May, 24 2016

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About the Author

While reading The Fellowship of the Ring at the age of twelve, Stuart A. Etter was told by his teacher that he should be reading shorter books. Undaunted, he finished the trilogy and promptly moved on to other novels ranging from fantasy/sci-fi to historical fiction to horror to thrillers.

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