A Bit Premature?

I just figured out how many words I need to trim to get the manuscript down to 165,000 words, and I'm still four chapters away from finishing this version of the revision (which included both story, flow, and word count cuts).

Too soon? :)

This final draft will be only about cutting words and incorporating the thus far minor comments from my beta readers. With luck, I'll start this final draft next week.

(And the answer to "How much?" is cut 13% of the current manuscript, which amounts to about 24,000 words)

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May, 24 2016

Please, hold the door!

I'm both stunned and slightly embarrassed by all the attention this week, but welcome new visitors! Make yourself at home.

My thoughts behind my 2008 joke/prediction/guess can be found on my Blog.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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While reading The Fellowship of the Ring at the age of twelve, Stuart A. Etter was told by his teacher that he should be reading shorter books. Undaunted, he finished the trilogy and promptly moved on to other novels ranging from fantasy/sci-fi to historical fiction to horror to thrillers.

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